Defense Contractor’s Shameless Rules Regarding Short-Term Disability Insurance

Recently worked for a fairly GINORMOUS American defense contractor.  They like to add in rules/regulations that disallow one to request short-term disability insurance to those that might need those funds.  One of those guys I know is a guy that looks and sounds EXACTLY like ME.

SCHMAYTHEON PISSILE SYSTEMS’ argument is hidden DEEP below all of the top-level, commonly referenced “leave” and “time off” rulebooks.  That argument boils down to this:

“We know you were previously injured in the military.  We see that you are now currently feeling some recurring effects from that old injury.  We know that is negatively affecting your performance.  We want to be there for you.  Tell us how we can help.”

“Wow.  Cool, uh, thanks for lookin’ out!  My docs suggested that I take at least a few weeks off work because they had a pain management plan that they had significant confidence in.  They think it can help me.  In fact, they put all this documentation together for you guys, in case you need it to get the ball rolling on things.”

“Thank you.  We will review it all.”

“Any update on the approval status?”

“You’re approved for the medical leave of absence.  Disability approval runs about a week behind this.  Good luck, we’re really pulling for ya.”

“Hey SCHMAYTHEON…  It’s been a few weeks now and I got turned down for short-term disability payments.  Can you guys help me figure this out, since you guys said everything was GTG before I left and began procedures?”

“Well, Wob… We feel weally, weally, bad fow you, BUT, we’we not going to pay you.”


“Because you were hurt on the job.”

“But it’s an old injury and it wasn’t on the job here.  I don’t want Workmen’s Comp.  You guys approved my Medical Leave of Absence and said that the disability claim (for          which you all pre-read and gave me a thumbs up that all was “good-to-go.”  What gives?”

“Because you were hurt on the job – not OUR job – but on the job, so that’s not something we will pay you for.”

“But you guys KNEW about all of this stuff, almost as preconditions ion the hiring process.  It was all clearly documented.”

“Yep.  But we have a policy that is buried – uhh, I mean – that says if you were previously injured in any other employment EVER and an old injury or illness creeps back up on you and makes it so you can work – well – we don’t have to pay.”

“But your HR peeps reviewed everything.  Managers reviewed everything… Nobody ever talked about this.  Don’t you think MAYBE I wouldn’t have requested a leave of absence and perhaps would have sought another way to deal with my disability issue?”

“You can appeal if you like?”

“Hey SCHMAYTHEON, I appealed.  Waited.  Weeks.  Still disapproved.  WTF, over?”

“Sorry, bud.”

“OK, well then you guys just screwed me out of potential short-term disability pay that I could have used to help us SQUEEZE BY while I was down and climbing back up.  Dinero was TIGHT, bruh.  That sucked.  Thanks for nothing.”

“You’re welcome… So, when are you coming BACK?”







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